The South Carolina Technical College System, through its Council of Technical College Presidents developed the non-credit Leadership Academy to provide a focused, accessible and affordable leadership development program for experienced college personnel who have the potential to become deans, directors and vice presidents.  Annually, 25 participants are selected by the college presidents through a process designed at the local college. 

The program consists of at least four group sessions totaling approximately ten days.  During the sessions, academy participants interact with national and regional experts discussing leadership issues in community colleges.  One session focuses on the political process as it relates to higher education and includes a visit to the State House.  Participants must select a leadership project on their campus approved by their president, and identify a personal mentor to assist them with the project and the development of a personal leadership plan.


Contact for this program

Karen Taylor




 Leadership Academy: 2006 (Not all pictured)

Rodney E. Adams; Kenneth C. (Zeke) Alford;  Lisa Bartanus; Stanley A. Bolton; Beverly B. Campbell;  Cheryl A. Cox; Lynn F. Dale; Edie Dillé; Jean Greer; Curtis Harkness; Craig Hess; Lester Pittman; Kate Plowden; Peggy C. Prescott; Hope E. Rivers; Melissa Roberts; Caroline Wagasky Thornton; Fran K. Wiley

Leadership Academy: 2008 (Not all pictured) 

Jerry Alewine; Jack Bagwell; Lisa Bracken; Will Brown; Amelia “Amy” Capers; Mary Coleman; Steve Coleman; Juanita “Nita” Colman; Nancy Dickson; Allan Dunphy; Harold Hawley; Janis Hoffman; Sylvia Holmes; Susan Houck; Marie Howell; Avis Howell-Gathers; Constance “Connie” Jolly; Sylvia Littlejohn; Thom Mayer; Jean Rickenbaker; Catherine Riggins; Mark Roseveare; Melody Taylor; Tim Tennis; Tonya Thomas

Leadership Academy: 2009 (Not all pictured)

Wanda Baker; James “Reese” Bostic; Amanda Chittum; Tracy Evans, Esq.; Nancy Garmroth; Tara Harris; Lori Heafner; Tara Lahnen; Brad Majors; David Martin; Carol  Mayweather; Jonathan McCombs; Vincent Myers; Amoena Norcross; Sernetta Quick; Cynthia (Cindy) H. Rogers; Charnette Singleton; Ann Marie Stieritz; Brad Thomas; Mark Ulseth; Wendy Walls; Myles Williams; Diane M. Yeoman

 Leadership Academy: 2010 (Not all pictured)

Ellen Black; Robby Brown; Jenni Campbell; Leigh Copeland; Jason Dotson; Melinda Eagle; Kristin Gardner; Christopher Hall; Elaine Hodges; Moryah Jackson; Mark Krawczyk; Tim Martin; Donald Miles; Camille Myers; Yvonne Noisette; Danielle Pace; Carol Paguntalan; Crystal Rookard; Meenu Shukla-Dennis; Kelly Steinhilper; Christina Stiles; Shallin Suber; Robert “Bob” Walker


The Leadership Academy helped me understand the SC technical college system better. I began my emplyment in the technical college system in 2001. However, I am not originally from South Carolina so the academy provided me with a a wealth of useful information on the state system.  While in the Leadership Academy, I received a promotion from the Director for Admissions and Records to my current position as Vice President for Student Affairs.  I believe that my participation in the academy helped me prepare for this promotion.  The courses in the leadership cohort program have proved to be extremely beneficial to me in my work at the college.  I have found the finance and legal courses to be most beneficial, as these were my weakest areas.  I feel more confident in making decisions regarding budgeting, disciplinary action, and policy development.  I would highly recommend these programs to anyone tryong to "find their way" in the SC technical college system. 

Lisa M. Bracken, '10
Vice President of Student Affairs
Central Carolina Technical College


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