In response to the fact that over the next decade many senior leadership professionals will retire from the South Carolina Technical College System (SCTCS), the Community College Leadership Alliance (CCLA) was created to assist in the development of the next generation of leadership.  Partnering with the University of South Carolina College of Education, the CCLA features two main programs: the Certificate of Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership and the Leadership Academy.

The Certificate of Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership is a 2-year, for-credit program designed for South Carolina technical college personnel who are seeking to advance knowledge and competencies in technical and community college leadership.  The program is primarily a distance education opportunity that consists of graduate-level courses focused on core competencies required for technical and community college professionals.

The Leadership Academy is a non-credit, seminar-style program that meets four times from October through February.  It is designed for South Carolina technical college professionals who aspire to upper-level leadership positions.

Here you can also learn about guidelines for application and course requirements, and download relevant resources.  This site can also be used to network with current students, alumni, and faculty and showcases how the Community College Leadership Alliance has helped graduates progress to higher level work and higher level learning through advanced degree programs.



Cohort 4 - 2007


"I am a HUGE fan of the USC Community College Leadership Program after completing the very first cohort in 2004.  At the time I was an Associate Vice President, and was soon promoted to Vice President.  I think it is important for top level administrators to support this program, carefully consider who within their college has the potential to become a senior administrator, and talk to those individuals about the strengths and value of the program.  We must ensure strong, committed people are moving up the succession ladder within our institutions."

Becky McIntosh, '04
Vice President for Student Development & Marketing
Piedmont Technical Colleg


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